Shellper Setup & Usage


Integrations Guide

SUMMARY: Shell Creators Rejoice! Your very own shell helper has arrived...'Shellper' :) We wanted to help make the shell creation process easier so we created this tool.

Simply install the extension into Google Chrome and your life will go from high stress to no stress in seconds.


Prefill the majority of fields for you.
Prefill VRU form.
Save you BOAT LOADS of time.

Shellper Installation

To being using shellper some minor setup is required.

  1. Install Chrome if you have not already.

  2. Ensure that you are using Chrome to view this page currently.

  3. Install Shellper and return to this page immediately after.

  4. Configure Shellper to your needs.

Using Shellper Video (ADT Specific)

Using 'Shellper' (ADT Specific) from SecurityTrax on Vimeo.