Reviewing Processed Payments


User Guide

Once a transaction is completed you will see the details and current status of the transaction in the payments list as well as when editing the payment.

Under the Processing Info column is information provided from the processing gateway. Using the first entry as an example:

08/14/2013 | 11:29 AM by SecurityTrax Admin

When the Transaction was initiated and by whom.

Refund Transaction ID: 1967413887

Notice the transaction type prior to the transaction ID. Possible values are ‘Refund’, ‘Credit’, and ‘Sale’. If a transaction has been REFUNDED or VOIDED it will show after the transaction ID.

These same details will now show on the edit screen as well:

There is also a new section on the edit screen for the transaction. You will see a new section called ‘Processing Details’. This is a log of details and changes on the transaction as provided by the payment gateway. It is in XML format but will be quite easy to understand upon review.