User Guide

Once payment processing is activated in the SecurityTrax system you will see a change when recording a payment. At the top of the ‘Method’ drop down you will see a list of applicable billing methods from the ‘Billing’ page. 

When one of the valid billing methods is chosen the ‘Process Transaction’ and ‘Transaction Type’ fields will appear.


Process Transaction
If this is boxed is checked when the payment is saved it will be processed immediately. If you leave this unchecked the payment will not be processed until a later time. It can be scheduled in the future by choosing a date in the ‘Desired Posting Date’ field.

Transaction Type
Choose either sale or credit. Credit will only be an available option if the appropriate permissions have been granted.

Email Receipt
If you are processing a payment ‘now’ you will see a new field named ‘Email Receipt”. If this is selected (by default it will be if you chose that option in Global Settings and there is an email on file) then you will be shown the on-record email address for the customer. The option is available to enter a new address if necessary, however, please note that this will not change the email address on the core customer record.

Pressing 'Save' will process the transaction. The results will be displayed on the page and will indicate success or failure.