NMI Payment Gateway Setup


Administration Guide

This document outlines how to configure the NMI gateway in order to use the Payment Processing feature of SecurityTrax.

Create a user account for the SecurityTrax Platform (REQUIRED)

This new user account is required and will allow the SecurityTrax Platform to connect and perform actions in NMI on your behalf. This account should only be used by SecurityTrax.

Setting Up NMI Merchant Defined Fields for SecurityTrax (RECOMMENDED)

Following the steps in this document is not required but will help you in reporting within the NMI platform. The goal is to match the merchant defined fields with the appropriate names so it is clear what information is contained as provided by the SecurityTrax -> NMI API.

- ‘securitytrax_billing_method_id’: the ID of the billing method used for the payment.

- ‘securitytrax_payment_id’: the ID of the payment entry created in SecurityTrax.

- ‘securitytrax_customer_id’: the ID of the customer.

When processing transactions using SecurityTrax these fields will automatically be populated with the appropriate information. You will also be able to search and report on these fields in the NMI platform.