Integrations Guide

SecurityTrax provides second to none integration with enabling dealers to create, edit, and manage customer accounts right within SecurityTrax - even across multiple accounts.

In order to leverage all of the functionality found in this timesaving integration, and to provide the highest level of security, we recommend creating then entering two different types of Dealer Site credentials into SecurityTrax:

  1. Credentials used to log into the Dealer Site as the account owner OR sub-dealer of the account. (Account owners typically have full access, while a sub-dealer may have limited permissions on the site.)

  2. Credentials used by a typical Dealer Site user to access Air FX tools and perform System Checks.

Steps for correctly setting up both types of credentials in the Dealer Site and how to utlize them in SecurityTrax are available on the following pages.

NOTE: Sub-dealers may need to contact their account owner to ensure the proper permissions have been granted to their sub-dealer account.