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Expanded Setup Guide

Now that you're somewhat familiar with the Permissions and what they do, it may be helpful to take a moment now and determine to which Permissions Group each of your Users will belong. (Owners, Managers, Sales Reps, Technicians, or a new group you need to create).

Creating a list of your Users on a piece of paper or an Excel spreadsheet for easy reference can help with placing your Users in the correct group. This list could be useful when we review the Organizational Hierarchy section later in the Onboarding: Supplemental Tasks section.

Also, there are no limits to the number of additional groups you can create. However, you'll want your Users to be members of only ONE group at a time. Having Users as members of multiple groups can create situations where Permissions in one group override Permissions in another group.

EXCEPTION: The only time you'd have a User as a member of two Permissions groups is when you'd want to create what we refer to as a 'Leaf Group'.

A Leaf Group is when a User, typically an owner, who wants to have access to items in the Owners group AND be able to access leads, sell, or install a system.

In this case, you'd create a new Permissions Group and name it Owner/Leads, Owner/SalesRep, OR Owner/Technician.

All of the Permissions from the Owner group would be applied AND the checkbox for 'Is a Lead Representative', 'Is a Sales Representative', OR 'Is a Technician' would be checked in the Roles & Restrictions section of Permissions depending on the access desired.

The Permission Analyzer found in the upper left-hand corner is a search which allows you to search through your Users in your to see which Users have certain Permissions.

Repeat the steps listed in this section of the Onboarding process for the Owners, Managers, and Technician Groups - Or any other permission group that you find useful for your company/employees.  Keep in mind that you can change the names of these groups or name new groups whatever you like. 

For more information about SecurityTrax Permissions please see this video:

Managing Permissions from SecurityTrax on Vimeo.