DocuSign Setup


Integrations Guide

SUMMARY: Welcome to eContracts! Here you will find help with onboarding and using eContracts. This is a multi-step process involving multiple parties that can take some time. Be patient. You must be successfully promoted to the production environment by ADT before eContracts will be accepted by ADT for funding.

DocuSign Production

  1. Read the eContract Provisioning Guide.

  2. Complete the eContract Provisioning Form.

  3. Wait for confirmation that your dealer has been provisioned in DocuSign Production by ADT.

  4. Wait for confirmation that SecurityTrax has been configured with your DocuSign Production account details.

Getting Trained

Great, you're all set up in DocuSign and SecurityTrax is all configured and ready to go. Let's get you started!

  1. Work with Dealer Support to understand the contract in general. Do not attempt to jump into eContracts without first understanding ADT's expectations and guidelines for filling out the contract generally.

  2. Read the DocuSign Usage training material.

  3. Reach out to your Securitytrax Account Manager for additional training as necessary.