d) Managing Message Campaigns


Expanded Setup Guide

Create email and SMS text message templates to send to your Leads and Customers. Message Campaigns in SecurityTrax are Static or Dynamic emails and SMS text messages that you create ahead of time. They save hours of work and help maintain a consistent voice throughout all communications to your Leads and Customers.

Emails and SMS text messages can be the same each time they're used (STATIC) OR updated automatically based on the context in which they are sent by using Fields to retrieve information already entered into SecurityTrax (DYNAMIC).

For example, a STATIC message could look like this:

Or, by using Fields, your DYNAMIC message could look like this:

The Dynamic message example above uses a 'Customer Object' Field to automatically place 'Florence Holmes' (the customer) in the message. There are a variety of message 'Objects' available. Each Object Type will be explained on the pages that follow.

We'll explain how both Email and SMS Text Messages are created in SecurityTrax, plus show samples of the wide variety of Dynamic messaging types available and provide the Fields to use for each message type.

NOTE: SMS Test Messages must be enabled. A $0.05 per message charge will be incurred by sending SMS text messages to Leads and Customers. There is no charge for sending emails.