Integrations Guide

Using the CMS integration within SecurityTrax will allow you to onboard accounts to CMS directly from your SecurityTrax Platform. This will save you time and effort and increase the accuracy of the data that is sent to CMS when creating accounts with them.

Setting up the Integration

The first thing you need to do to enjoy this SecurityTrax Feature is to activate the integration connection from your SecurityTrax Platform to CMS. To do this you need to obtain your integration information from CMS. Contact the CMS Dealer Support Team at 800-522-5124 to get your personal list of System Types and production credentials. The list of System Types will be input during the integration set up. Once you have them follow these steps:

NOTE: You will also need to assign the CMS permission to any permission groups inside of your SecurityTrax Platform that you would like to have access to the CMS feature.

Using the Integration

Create the Customer Record in SecurityTrax: Before you attempt to onboard an account at CMS you need to make sure that your customer record is fully filled out. If you lack data points on your customer record that are required by CMS to create an account you will see errors when you push the account to them. Best Practice is to fill in as much information about the customer as possible. Here is a list of the minimum required information that must be included on your customer record according to CMS:

*These data points will be chosen/recorded in the Integration screen and are not data points that SecurityTrax stores.

Additional data points that CMS highly recommends including are as follows:

NOTE: The agency information manually entered into the ‘Contacts’ screen does not get pushed to CMS.

Once you have fully built out your customer in SecurityTrax you are ready to push the account to CMS.

Pushing/Activating the account with CMS:

To push and activate the account with CMS do the following:

Managing Active Accounts

Adding An Agency: