c) Customers Section


Expanded Setup Guide

Permissions in this section activate the Customers tab and grant access to various buttons found at the top of a Customer Record along with information contained on the record (See 'Customer Record' in Onboarding: Definitions).

Mouse over each Permissions listed on the left side of the screen and a small pop up window will display a brief description of what each item does.

You'll see that some of the Permissions in this section have a small padlock and pencil icon. This icon indicates a field which will contain confidential information (for example: bank account numbers, credit card numbers, SSNs, etc.) By default, access to these items is turned off. To allow full access, including being able to see the entire piece of information instead of a masked version, check the 'Yes' checkbox. Checking the 'Yes' checkbox also allows the information to be edited even after it has been saved.

Do you want your Sales Reps to have access to any of the items in this section? If not, move onto the Leads section. If yes, then use the checkboxes on the right to assign the applicable level of access (View, Create, Modify, Delete, or Yes).

It's recommend that Sales Reps have View, Create, and possibly Modify access to the Customer tab (top check boxes), Customer Page - Contact Information, and Customer Page - Sale Information.

However, each business is different and you'll want to decide what you want your Sales Reps to access. For example, you may not want your Sales Reps to be able to Modify anything once it's saved without contacting their Manager first.