b) Sells Customer To You


Expanded Setup Guide

Let's setup a Partner Company using the right side of the Customer section. This side is used if the Partner Company 'Sells' only Customers to your company.

If you know of a company that currently sells Customers to you, enter their information, or you can enter 'Test Customer SELLER'. To set up this type of Partner Company:

REMINDER: All BOLD fields are required in order to save.

If you have multiple Office Locations but purchase Customers from the same Partner Company and wish to have the Customers assigned to the appropriate Office Location, you'll need to create a new Partner Company for each of your Office Locations.
You are able to push a Customer back to a Partner Company. Contact us through a SecurityTrax Ticket.
Create the predefined email template by going to the Administration Tab > Message Campaigns under Content Management (See 'Message Campaigns' in OnBoarding: Supplemental Tasks for more information).

You now have a Partner Company who sells Customers to your company.