a) Sells Lead To You


Expanded Setup Guide

To begin, let's create an outside Partner Company who 'Sells' only Leads to you in order to learn about the various settings which can be applied.

If you know of a company from which you currently purchase Leads you can enter their information, or you can enter 'Test Lead SELLER'. Follow the steps below to set up this type of Partner Company.

We're going to focus on the right hand side of the Leads section for this exercise because this Partner Company 'Sells' only Leads to your company. We'll address the left side of the Leads section and the Customer section later.

REMINDER: All BOLD fields are required in order to save.


A list of the Leads where action is needed. Leads assigned to Pending will not be assigned to any individual in your company. Access to Leads marked as Pending would only be available by clicking on the Leads tab if the User has the appropriate Permissions.


Allows Lead Reps to request Leads once company defined criteria has been met (i.e. timeframe to contact the Lead). Once the criteria is met the Lead would be available in the Queue to be requested by those with Permission to request Leads. Once requested, the Lead gets assigned to the User who requested it until the User converts it to a Customer, leaves it assigned to themselves, puts it back in the Queue (i.e. if the Lead wasn't home), or marks it as invalid.

You are able to push a Lead back to a Partner Company by going to the Leads tab, placing a checkmark to the left of each Lead you don't want, then clicking the Return button located just above the list of Leads.
Create the predefined email template by going to the Administration Tab > Message Campaigns under Content Management (See 'Message Campaigns' in OnBoarding: Supplemental Tasks for more information).

You now have a Partner Company who has been configured to Sell only Leads to you.