a) Collections


Administration Guide

All individual parts should be added to your master part list. You should have distinct entries for all parts ordered a-la-carte, within collections, and for the collections themselves.

In other words, you need an entry for the collection, the panel, and all other items included in the collection as well.

Enter all fields as appropriate. Pay particular attention to the following:

SecurityTrax handles the notion of kits fully (referred to as collections hereafter).


Is Collection
After selecting this and saving the part, a new "Items" button will appear.

Items (button)
Use this button to define the contents of the collection. Simply find the part in the list and input the appropriate quantity. If the part is no longer part of the collection simply remove the quantity completely.


Collections are used strictly for ordering. When parts are received the collection is broken down such that the recipient receives the sum of items in the collection, not the collection itself.

Subsequently, recipients never have collections on hand. Only the parts within the collections.