Expanded Setup Guide

As you enter Leads or Customers in SecurityTrax, you'll be required to select from where the Lead or Customer originated, and optionally, the Campaign used.

'Outside' Partner Companies are a source of the Lead or Customer that resides 'outside' of your company, while 'Inside' Partner Companies would refer to your own company.

Campaigns are a sub-group to further help identify how the Lead or Customer was generated.

For example, you might buy leads from a company named 'ABC Leads, Inc.' and they generate leads via cold calls, door knocking, or through the web. You'd create an 'outside' Partner Company named 'ABC Leads, Inc.' with Campaigns named 'Cold Call', 'Door Knock', and 'Web Lead'.

Additionally, not only can you set up SecurityTrax to distinguish between Partner Companies who provide you Leads and other Partner Companies who provide you with Customers, you can also create Partner Companies to which you sell Leads and/or Customers.

On the following steps, we'll discuss the various types of Lead Sources / Partner Companies and how to set them up in SecurityTrax for your company.