8) Commercial Accounts


Integrations Guide

This section provides additional information and instruction on how to push a commercial account to ADT through the API. The process is very similar to what you have reviewed previously in this documentation, but with some small changes and additions as follows.

Additional Information to enter on the customer record in SecurityTrax

Commercial Account

Credit Holder Information
In the Create/Update Order section in the ADT API window, you will see a new section called Credit Holder. This section must be filled out to create the Order. The information input in this section will show up in the Personal Guarantee section of the eContract along with the first and last name on in the Personal Information section in SecurityTrax.

Add-On Services
For commercial accounts, you will notice new or different add-on service options in the Add-on Services Data section of the ADT API window that are different from what you see for residential accounts. Select as appropriate prior to clicking save to create or update an Order.