5d) Emergency Contacts


Integrations Guide

Enhanced Verification: There must be at least one Emergency Contact that is marked “Enhanced Verification”. As part of the Dispatch procedure, ADT will call the premise/primary phone number. If no one answers, ADT will then call each Emergency Contact marked as “Enhanced Verification” before the Agency is called and authorities dispatched. If the Enhanced Verification contact knows the password he/she can stop the false alarm. If all primary/premise and Enhanced Verification contacts cannot confirm the verbal password, the authorities will be dispatched. There can be more than one ECV but ADT requires at least 1 (up to a max of 10).

Guard Response: If the customer is in a guard response area it is required to fill out the fee amount. ADT will no longer add this in for you. This is just like the legacy eContract process. During the shelling process, our integration will pull the Guard response from ADT and it will show on the Create/Update Order screen. 

Emergency Contacts

Be sure to click the ‘Guard Response’ box on the installation and equipment section of the customer screen. 

Guard Checkbox