Expanded Setup Guide

We're excited to get you transitioned over to SecurityTrax! Part of that transition is importing your existing users. Below are some best practices and steps to most effectively and affordably complete a user import. We invite you to read this document in its entirety before exporting any of your existing data. Skipping steps or rushing through this process will only result in extended delays; imports for both large and small data sets can be complicated.

Best Practices

- Provide a point of contact at your company who is familiar with your current customer data set. Create a SecurityTrax Ticket which includes all relevant contact information.

- A template to perform the import will be available for you to download below:

- Please do not change the template file. The import will not work correctly if it's modified

- Headers and header definitions are provided in the template

- Don't alter the column headings on the template

- Don't add or subtract columns to the template

- Double and triple checking your data on the template referenced below will help minimize issues. SecurityTrax will NOT be accountable for the content provided for the import

Steps For Import

Prior to exporting any user data from your existing system(s), please complete the following:

After you've completed the steps above, proceed to the following:

If you're looking to import information that isn't collected on the template found above, please open a SecurityTrax Ticket and upload a sample of the data you'd like to import so the best method can be determined. Development costs will be incurred.