1) Entering BRINKS Credentials in SecurityTrax


Integrations Guide

To begin, you must enter BRINKS Dealer Portal credentials provisioned by BRINKS for use within SecurityTrax (referred to as WSI 'Wizzy' Credentials in SecurityTrax). Please do not use your existing BRINKS Dealer Portal credentials because will not work.

Please email BRINKS to receive the proper credentials by following the steps below.:

1. Collect the following pieces of information

  1. Your MAS Dealer # 
  2. Legal Dealer Business Name
  3. Dealer Portal Site Administrator for the Dealer (first and last name)
  4. Dealer Address
  5. Dealer Phone #

2. Please email this information to your SecurityTrax Account Manager, once you've collected all of the required information. You can also send this information directly to to request the WSI Credentials. If you do choose to email them directly, please CC so that we are included on that email.

3. Once Brinks provides SecurityTrax with your WSI/Wizzy credentials (usually with 24 hours), we will add those to your SecurityTrax site. You can also manually add the credentials to your SecurityTrax site by following the directions below.

Once we've obtained your 'WSI Credentials', please follow the steps below in SecurityTrax if you would like to manually add them yourself: